Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5-Minute Genealogy - Learn about Records

This video presentation link discusses the various genealogy records that are available. The video speaks to the importance of looking at the type of record and the accuracy of the information contained therein. As a genealogist knows, the documents that are recorded around the actual event is generally more accurate than a census record. For example, a birth record is most likely going to have more correct information about the birth day, name of the child, and parents more accurately than a death record for the same individual, which could have the birth date off a few days or years. A primary record is one that is recorded closest to an event, i.e. birth record for a birthdate, marriage record for a marriage date, death record for a death date. This not to say that the marriage record or death records do not contain information for the birthdate, but they may contain errors. To learn more about the various records available with vital information, click Records and you will be taken to the class site. Enjoy!

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