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Friday, June 01, 2007

Mormon Battalion Records and Images

Have you ever wondered what your ancestor looked like? Or wondered if your Mormon Pioneer Ancestor was apart of the Mormon Battalion that served the United States during the Mexican war. The number of men that served in the Mormon Battalion numbered at 500. Some of the officers of the Mormon Battalion chose to take their families, their belongings and wagons with them at no expense to the United States and was acceptable to the US Army at the time. The number of families that went along with the Mormon Battalion numbered at 15 - 16 and also included 50 - 55 children. Some of the women served as laundresses for the unit and received a privates pay. The Mormon Battalion made the longest march in military history covering 2,000 miles beginning at Council Bluffs Iowa and ending in San Diego California.

This website has the complete transcribed company rosters including the officers, privates, and guides. One of the guides that might spark you interest is Jean Baptiste Charbonneau (the son of Sacajawea and Toussaint Charbonneau). The women are listed with the companies and also includes the names of the children. The databases include pictures which are searchable under the Gallery Link. Some of the men that served in the battalion also have a short biography on this site. If you have ancestors that participated in the Mormon Battalion or think that you might have an ancestor who was in the Battalion, this site is worth checking out. Click here to be redirected to the Mormon Battalion website. Have fun in your quest.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Overland Trails Letters and Diaries

The Trail of Hope Website, sponsored at Brigham Young University is a collection of 49 Pioneers that traveled across the lone wilderness on the Mormon, California, Oregon, and Montana trails. Information provided on this site covers the time period in American History between 1846 to 1869. The writings that have been digitized and organized in an easily searched format which include their thoughts, hope, trials, pictures, maps and numerous other tid bits of information that would be interesting to those searching for their pioneer ancestors.

The writings of these Pioneers, will help one to understand what it may have been like for their own ancestors in traveling across the plains. If you would like to browse and learn more about the Overland Trails, click
here to transfer to this site.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Early Latter-Day Saint Database

The Early Latter-Day Saint Database is a combination of records from the Land and Records Office in Nauvoo Illinois, some census records, and over 100 books that center around the Early Latter-Day Saint time period. This database is a work in progress, but is easily searched. The information that is attainable from the database includes birth date and place, residence, death date and place if applicable, and notes and sources for the data that you are viewing.

If you want to view this website, please check out the link listed on the left toolbar or click here.