Monday, October 16, 2006

Another Day in Family History

My eighty six year old mother came out and visited with my family this past week and it was such a joy to be with her. We spent many of the hours looking at and discussing family history. My mother has so much to share with my family about our heritage---helping people that are just a name, date and place on my family tree to come alive. I have always loved learning about and hearing stories about my ancestors. The men and women that make up our ancestors have given each of us a solid foundation on which to build our own lives. I realize that none of us have a perfect family but that is just part of being human. We have to learn to let go of the mistakes and try and focus on the good things that they have done. Just like we would wish our descendants to think of us once we pass on from this life. I guess you could say it is the "Golden Rule". We all do not want to be remembered as "...just a spot on a pedigree". I think that most of us want to make some positive contribution to children, family, and friends. We want to make a difference just like our ancestors made a difference for us.

Well I wanted to share with you a video that a very talented man by the name of Dan Lawyer. You can read his blog which has his thoughts about genealogy at: Taking Genealogy to the Common Person

I hope you enjoy Mr. Lawyer's insight.

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