Monday, December 25, 2006

Shared Tree

Shared Tree is being launched to the public. The full features of this site are available at no cost to the user. The more people that upload their family trees will increase the size of the data base and also increase the chances of finding a distant cousin that shares your family tree. This site allows for uploads of sources and pictures. SharedTree allows you to create a biography for each individual and allows collaboration, disputation on each individual.

The author of the website explains the site this way:
" 1. No software to download
2. Always have your work with you no matter which computer you're on
3. Share your workspace with relatives
4. Unlimited size
5. Eliminate the need to constantly receive and merge updates from others
6. Debate changes with relatives openly before making updates
7. Avoid duplicate work by colloborating on research realtime
8. Create family histories and biographies you can share with others
9. Locate relatives working on the same line(s)
10. FREE to use and share!"

This web site shows great promise and I would encourage all to come and start collaborating with your cousins. Click on the blue link above titled "Shared Tree" and it will take you to the website to browse. Enjoy!

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