Thursday, March 22, 2007

Family History Centers loss of

It has been a busy month for me trying to complete my independent study class, but I am almost done. A great deal has been happening with this past month as they have decided to not allow the Family History Centers to continue with their full free subscription to their data bases. I for one was saddened by this move, but understand why they have chosen to do this and also am grateful for the time that we have been able to access their data bases for free. The Family History Centers will still have access to a few of their data bases, but not as many.

I feel that this is a great reason for everyone or anyone that is interested in access to records to consider volunteering at: Family Search Indexing, to assist in helping index the microfilms located in the vaults outside of Salt Lake City. These microfilms are currently being indexed/extracted rapidly and will go much quicker with more volunteers. You could also volunteer at Immigrant Ancestors Project sponsored by Brigham Young University. This project is extracting and making available for search for free, immigration records of various countries. Come check it out. This is another great resource for genealogy enthusiasts.

If you check back later, I will begin to put up links on my blog for genealogical/family history websites that are free to access. I have decided to have two separate sets of links for that is mixed free/subscription sites and the other free sites.

I will update tomorrow concerning the Beta FamilySearch Test. It is going well.

Have a great day.

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