Thursday, April 26, 2007

Civil War Soldier And Sailors System

The National Parks Service have a website that is dedicated to the soldiers and sailors of the Union and Confederate Army during the Civil War. The site has an easy to use search functions that allow you to search by regiment or individual names. The total data base contains over 6 million names available for searching. This number includes records from both the Union and Confederate states and territories.

Civil War Soldier & Sailors System (CWSSS) contains information regarding each of the units in the Civil War including the battles in which each unit participated, the date of organization of the unit, and when the unit was mustered out of service. The individual searches for soldiers will provide you information about the regiment name, whether fought on the Union or Confederate side, the company's name, the rank at time the individual mustered in and out, any alternate names, and the reference to the film number. The sailors portion of this site provides the same information as the soldiers but with an important addition of personal information such as birth place, physical characteristics, and some listings include the occupation of the individual. This site does not provide with a digital image of the documents but only the transcribed information that was obtained from the images.

CWSSS also provides a searchable database for prisoners of war for Andersonville and Fort McHenry prisons. The cemetery database like the other databases are easily searched and some of the information found includes pictures of the headstone. The last database that I wanted to mention is the Medal database. This database could prove extremely valuable to one as it provides information about the individuals birth place and date and also describes the circumstance that lead toward their award of a medal. Very interesting information.

This project was completed with partners such as The Genealogical Society of Utah, Federation of Genealogical Societies, and many more. If you have Civil War Military in your heritage, this site is definitely worth visiting. The searches are totally free which makes it nice as well. Click here to go to the main page of Civil War SOldier and Sailors System.

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