Saturday, April 28, 2007

WorldGenWeb Project

WorldGenWeb Project began under the direction and vision of Dale Schneider in 1996. He saw the growing needs of genealogy enthusiasts from around the world and directed the creation of the World GenWeb Project. The project is divided into eleven geographical regions that are further broken down into countries, provinces, states, and counties; the terminology being determined by the geographical location.

Beginning your research using this website is as simple as clicking on the world map region that you are researching. Once you have selected the region, you will be able to narrow the area of research by choosing the appropriate country, county, and parish. Please note that countries are still in need of volunteers to host the site, but the site in general is a great place to learn more about the areas of research, when counties, parishes were established, etc. Please keep in mind that these various country, provinces, state, county, websites are maintained through the geneours efforts of volunteers, so if you have expertise in a particular area that is withouth a coordinator, please consider volunteering. One of the skills that you would need to possess to be able to volunteer is the knowledge of HTML language and ftp. These websites are now being hosted on the RootsWeb servers. The WorldGenWeb Project is a great resource for helping you find out the possible resources for various locals and would be worth your time. If you are interested in searching or browsing this site, click here.

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