Thursday, May 31, 2007

So You Want To Preserve Your Family Records?

Family History Archives is a website containing over 5000 family biographies that are all searchable utilizing the website's user friendly search engine. I prefer using the advanced search features of the site as it narrows your search by allowing you to search for a specific order of words, ie. given name, and surname.

The biographies digitized on this site contain pictures, vital record information, maps, etc. This site could literally be a treasure trove of information if you happen to have a family member that is contained in one of the many biographies located on the site.

At some time in the future, individuals will be able to contribute their information in two different ways: 1) Electronic submission or 2) a printed copy of the information with a donation to cover the cost of digitizing.

Overall, I feel the site was designed well and is easily searched. If you want to search for your ancestors at this site, click here to be directed to this website. Have fun!

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