Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Felt Collection Or The Scrapbook Series

The Commonwealth State of Massachusetts has a searchable archived database that contains early records from the state of Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire covering dates from 1629 through 1799. This collection contains 328 Volumes of records. The collection was originally organized by a man named Reverend Joseph Felt (hence the name) in 1830's. The records contained in this database not only have Revolutionary Records, Shay's rebellion, military records, census and tax schedules.

According to the website, they state:
Topics covered by the collection range from international affairs to local and individual concerns. Records reflect the activities of the governor and General Court within the framework of the British empire, focusing on Massachusetts's relations with London, other British colonies, the French colonial government in Canada, and the Indian nations in New England and New York. They document the prosecution of military actions and negotiations for peace. Treasury records, census schedules, tax lists, judicial actions, and legislative orders provide the opportunity to study the administrative functions of the colonial/provincial government. Additionally, many volumes trace the General Court's involvement with localities and individuals. Documents range from tavern licenses, divorce petitions, and land grants to records pertaining to the compensation for the loss of a horse or the siting of a meeting house.

Click here if you would like to read more about what is contained in these indexes.

If you would like to search the database, you may do so by clicking here and you will be redirected to the website to begin a search. You can also search the documents by utilizing the search engine on the bottom of my blog if you would prefer. Have fun in your quest.

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