Saturday, June 16, 2007

The National History Show in London England

Dick Eastman, the noted author of the Eastman Online Genealogical Newsletter has teamed up with Roots Television at The National History Show in London, England in May of 2007. I stumbled across the video that I have placed on my blog about his experience at the show. This is just the first of twelve short videos that cover the show. From the looks of it, the genealogical society in England had a wonderful show and instructional classes. I would have loved to be there in person. Two interviews that I found of particular interest was Dick Eastman's interview with David Nicholson (the director of DNA-Worldwide) and Else Churchill (the genealogist for the Society of Genealogists in England). I enjoyed these videos because I learned about how the DNA testing is done and what tests can be used for both the male and female. I also learned that the specific types of DNA testing available for only men and only women. They are different and they track different aspects of ones family lines. If you would like to view more than the video that I have provided, click here and you will be directed to rootstelevision to view the other videos. Enjoy and learn!

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