Sunday, June 24, 2007

West Virginia Online Vital Records

The state of West Virgina and the Utah Genealogical Society have been working concert in placing the vital records including birth, marriage, and death records along with the images online. Not all of the counties of West Virginia have information in the database at this time. This project is an ongoing one and the state is working feverishly to continually update the site. Below is a statement from their site regarding their progress:
To date there is no timetable or definitive schedule for adding new counties; however, the next group of counties will be added sometime in 2007. Those counties are Braxton, Cabell, Grant, Greenbrier, Jefferson, Lewis, Logan, Marshall, Mingo and Wood. Because the data will be added in increments, all three categories of records of a single county may not be added at once, nor for example will all births for all ten counties be added at the same time. Keep checking the site to see what is new until you see a note posted stating that the loading of all records for these ten counties has been completed. Preparations are continuing for subsequent batches, until records for all 55 counties have been added to the database. Note that while records of the six counties currently online cover births from 1853 to 1930, subsequent county records will withhold births less than 100 years old (in 2007, only births through 1906 will appear, etc.). Please be patient with us, check the site periodically for new additions, and watch for announcements in West Virginia Archives and History News. Archives and History does not have the capability of maintaining a mailing list or of e-mailing individuals with updates to the records.
West Virginia Vital Records Project

I think that we are just beginning to see the flooding of the earth with the information needed for one to research and discover their heritage. If you would like to search this database, click here to be directed to this site. Please note that once at the site you will need to select which record (birth, marriage,or death) to search. Have fun!

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