Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Free Danish Parish and Census Records Online for Searching

I am always in search of ways to find Danish Parish Records and Census Records. I have found such a site but much of the information is in Dansk/Danish. Danish State Archives Filming Centre is in the process of digitizing their microfilm and microfiche of parish records and census records. They have some of the data already available for searching, but other films/fiche are still in the process of digitization.

The website states the following regarding the progress of the development and digitization of the database:
" The Danish State Archives Filming Centre digitises parish registers and population censuses in order to make them accessible via the Internet. The digitisation project is primarily accomplished through scanning of microfiches and microfilms. There is no fixed timetable for the launch of each parish register and population census on the Internet, as this is a successive process.

The parish registers and population censuses will be displayed as pictures of the original records. The pictures show that many records are marked by poor storage conditions, poor ink quality and general wear and tear - a state of affairs that is irremediable. No registers have been compiled in which to search for personal names, occupations, addresses etc.

Parish registers
All Danish parish registers older than 1892 are included in the digitisation project. The end year may, however, differ for South Jutland (North Schleswig) because the local parish registers were kept according to different rules in the period 1864-1920, when South Jutland was under German administration.

Population censuses
The following population censuses will become accessible via the Internet.

1787 - Available on the Internet
1801 - Available on the Internet
1834 - Available on the Internet
1840 - Available on the Internet
1850 - Available on the Internet
1855 - Available on the Internet
1860 - Available on the Internet

Other population censuses are not included in the project. It should be noted that only population censuses taken in the Kingdom of Denmark will be made available on:"

In order to view the parish registers, you must register but it is free. To find out more information about this project and database, click here and you be redirected to the English portion of this site which includes instructions on how best to use the site, register, and a basic Danish/Dansk vocabulary list.

Have fun!

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