Sunday, July 29, 2007

Norway - Digital Parish Registers

The National Archives of Norway has a website for digitized parish records. This site was launched on the 8th of November 2005. The goal is to have the project completed by the end of 2007. The parish records are being indexed on a page level meaning "that you can easily find the first page of a register, as well as the start of a list of records, or the start of each year in this list. From this point you can browse through the pages in the register or through a list of records, even though the records are scattered around in the original parish register. Please notice, that you cannot, however, search on single records and names in the digitised material."---The Digital Archives of Norway Parish Registers

Currently the status on the digitization project is as follows:
Indexed: 9701 registers
Indexed: 75683 lists
Indexed: 1898258 pages
Digitized: 2055935 pages

The main pages of the site can be viewed in the native tongue of Norwegian, or in English. A search menu is provided to allow the selection of the county, parish, type of record, time period you wish to search. Records that are available for searching are baptism and confirmations, marriage, death and burials, migration, vaccination and diary records to name a few. The types of records available will vary according to what has been preserved. The images that I viewed are clean and crisp, but I am not sure of the condition of all of the records. You will need to have some knowledge of basic Norwegian terms that would be used in parish records. These can be found at If you click here for the word list is in the standard HTML format. If you have Adobe Reader, and prefer to view the word list in a PDF format click here and you will be redirected to the FamilySearch website where you have the option to download this list and save it to your computer for future reference. The link for the PDF file can be found under Norway - Norwegian Genealogical Word List.

If you would like to research in the Norwegian Parish Registers, please click here to be directed to the English version of this site.
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