Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ancestors Lost and Found?

Remember when you lost your wallet, cell phone or something else of value? You were most likely feeling a sense of sadness and doom. You were probably thinking about who was going to use your credit cards, steal your identity or run up your cell phone bill to an astronomical amount.

Now remember the elation you felt when you found the valuable item; the sense of peace and calm that you felt and the fact you wanted to tell everyone that you found that which you had lost.

Why did I mention the above? I wanted to share a new website that I found titled "Ancestors Lost and Found Website." Who of you have not been totally thrilled when you have finally found your Ancestor that has been off of your radar search for more that a couple of years? It is thrilling to find the illusive ancestor. This site "Ancestors Lost and Found" is a website that provides you with another avenue to research that illusive ancestor. People on this site are willing to share their treasures of Family Bibles, pictures and other information with those that utilize this site. The directory to the site includes the following titles: 1) Lost Treasures, 2) Treasures to Share, 3) Treasures to Share, 4) The Mystery Gallery, and 5) Family Bibles, lost and found.

The site is easily navigated utilizing the links on the main page. A search engine for this website is also provided making the searching of this site for a particular ancestor surname a cinch. If you would like to browse this site, please click here.

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