Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Memory Miner

Mac and PC users alike will rejoice in the new Memory Miner Program being developed by John C. Fox, the founder of Group Smarts. The program was initially designed for the Mac environment but they are currently working developing the program to also run in the Windows Vista and XP environment. The program, Memory Miner does exactly that.....helps you to go back through your pictures and mine for gems or snippets of one's life that are memorable. Memory Miner has been developed complementing the iLife Suite for Mac computers and working with Pulp Motion, but they are in the final process of developing the program to run on PC's. The program allows you to create a digital storybook that is connected by people, places, and time.

The intuitive nature of this programs allows you to easily drag and drop information specifying who is in the picture, where and when it was taken, and you can even map it with Google Maps obtaining the longitude and latitude. If you are like me, you can see the value and potential of this program especially when working with pictures that have a more than one person. You will be able to tag each individual with their name, birth date and place information along with identifying how they are related to you. Adding audio, video, documents and URL's from your Internet Browser and adding text to each photo add further understanding of the photo and your ancestors in the photos. For example you can add to your photo an audio recording of the person in the picture or a video that was taken during the time the picture was taken. For example, you have several Family Reunion pictures that you took and also short video clips from the reunion. You can add some of those video clips in connection with the pictures adding depth and personality to those pictures.

To view an in depth video (12 minutes) regarding the wonderful features of the Memory Miner program, click here to be directed to the site. Click on the pictures that looks like the ones shown below and it will start the video in a new window. I think that you will be as happy about this as I am.

Getting Started: MemoryMiner for Windows overview: repository creation and basic annotation.

Publishing to Web: MemoryMiner for Windows: publish to web.

If you would like to learn more about MemoryMiner for Windows or MemoryMiner for MAC, click MemoryMiner. To fully understand the capabilities of the program for genealogy work, I would suggest spending time in the Video Gallery where they demonstrate the full capabilities including importing your GEDCOM files. Have fun! I know that I am having fun with the Windows Release Candidate version.


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