Saturday, October 27, 2007

"You Belong Here" - GeneTree

GeneTree by the well-known Sorenson Company was launched on October 23, 2007. GeneTree is a new genealogical social networking site that is currently in Beta. This site allows you to add to your pedigree by manually typing in the information. At this time, importing of gedcom does not appear to be supported. The basic subscription to the site is free, but will include subscription upgrades for multimedia storage. At this point I have been unable to determine the cost of the subscription for these upgrades or what the upgrades will include.

One of the unique and most helpful features of this site will be the opportunity for you to upload your DNA profile and possibly connecting with those people of the same or similar DNA profile. The cost for the basic DNA test kit has been stated to be $99.00 and the more advanced and complete test DNA test kit is listed at $149.00. The genetic tests are run by the well know and respected Sorenson Genomics.

If you would like to read an interview between CNET and James Lee Sorenson, click GeneTree Sprouts Genealogy Branches.

IF you would like to learn more about this new genealogical social networking site, click GeneTree.

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