Thursday, November 22, 2007

Holiday Time
Time for Family History

The upcoming holidays are a great opportunity to develop your Medical Family History or as I have previous blogged Family Health History. I have included for viewing a video from RootsTelevision that discusses the importance of developing a Medical Family History citing a particular family's experience of developing their history and how it has affected their lives.

Computer programs have been developed to help you track your family's health history such as Geneweaver for a small fee. Another website that is sponsored by the US Surgeon General has a small program that you can download for free to create your own medical history. Personally I have used both of these and prefer Geneweaver as it allows for greater flexibility in tracking various health problems. The US Surgeon General site is limited to specific diseases such as Stroke, Diabetes, etc. but if you can not afford the program, use the US Surgeon General's program or at the very least keep track of the causes of death in your family tree. Enjoy the video!

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