Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Saskatchewan Vital Statistics Database

I stumbled across another useful database for genealogical research for those researching their ancestors in Canada. The Saskatchewan Health Department has a searchable database for the Vital Statistics Index.

The information provided on this database is in an extracted format which means that you can not actually visualize the document online. Having said that, you are able to order a copy of the document but the cost is expensive at $50.00 per document. If you just view the extracted information, it will cost nothing. The extracted information for the births include the names of this child and parents, the birth date and place, the sex of the child, and the registration number. The birth information that is available for searching has to be at least 100 years ago as directed by the legislature in Saskatchewan. Marriage indexes of 75 years or older, are not available for searching at this time, but will be available in the future. The Death index information is available for those who have died more than 70 years ago beginning in 1917. The death index contains the name of the decedent, the date of death, occasionally the parents name and oddly enough the death place is not generally present on the index.

If you would like to research or browse in this data base, click Saskatchewan Vital Statistics Index Database. Have fun searching.

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