Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Great FamilySearch News

FamilySearch is teaming up with several groups to make your experience on FamilySearch and at the Family History Centers more rewarding. The first group they have teamed up with is FamilyLink which will increase the efficiency of the Family History Library Catalog by adding the Web 2.0 functionality allowing the catalog to be searched with the major online search engines. FamilyLink will also add an annotation feature encouraging user contributions to include other possible sources and to rate and review the sources listed. If you would like to read the press release click FamilyLink and FamilySearch Library.

Searching in the British Historical records will become easier as FamilySearch has also teamed up with FindMyPast and the National Archives of the United Kingdom. The National Archives of the United Kingdom has granted a license to FindMyPast and FamilySearch to digitize, index and make available for searching the Chelsea Pensioners retired soldiers records between 1760 and 1914, and the Merchant Seamen’s collection of records dating from 1835 to 1941. FamilySearch will digitize these records and FindMyPast will provide the indexes and transcriptions for ease of searching. If you would like to read this press release, click British Historical Records.

If you are new to Genealogy, Family Search has provided two new research aids for researching your English and/or your Scottish ancestors. These guides are available for you to review through FamilySearch. The English Ancestor Research Guide can be found Finding Records in England 1837 - 1901. This guide includes many helpful hints regarding finding locations, vital records, using church records, and many other valuable sources of information. The Scottish Ancestor Research Guide provides hints and suggestions for searching your ancestors for between the years of 1855 and 1901. The Scottish Ancestor Research Guide can be viewed by clicking Finding Records in Scotland 1855 - 1901.

The last bit of "teaming up" news involves FamilySearch and FootNote. I have posted about FootNote previously FootNote, FamilySearch, and the Revolutionary War. Footnote and FamilySearch will be allowing users to search two historic Civil War Era databases online—the 1860 U.S. Census and Civil War Pensions Index. The Civil War Pension Index not only includes veterans of the the Civil War but also include veterans who served between 1861 to 1917 in the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, and the Boxer Rebellion. If you would like to read this press release, click FamilySearch Teams with to Publish Historic Civil War Era Records.

Have fun searching!

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