Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chinese - Canadian History & Immigration

I would share with you a link that was sent to an email list that I participate in. I have always loved wiki websites and this one "Chinese - Canadian History and Immigration" wiki is one more reason why I love wiki pages. Wiki pages are a wonderful resource that is constantly evolving and improving with each contribution by it's members.

The Chinese - Canadian History Wiki is a cooperative effort between the Vancouver Public Library and the archives of Canada. It includes a vast array of information including immigration lists which have been extracted and the corresponding documents that are viewable online free of charge. Other documents such as birth, marriage, and death records are also available to view for specific people on the site, but they are limited to the few people that have contributed the information.

Another interesting aspect of this site if the Chinese - Canadian Genealogy section that is included on this site. Under this tab, you can learn about the traditional Chinese naming conventions or patterns, how the Chinese names were adapted once they immigrated to Canada and other helpful hints.

If you have Chinese ancestry that immigrated to Canada, or you would like to learn more about Chinese research, I would suggest you check out the Chinese - Canadian History and Immigration Wiki. Have fun learning!

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