Thursday, March 05, 2009

Are you a Hidden Scribe?

In our world, the internet has expanded making it possible to attend live meetings over the internet. What happens when you are unable to attend those meetings? I received an email about a website that is easily accessible and user friendly where you can view past lectures on some genealogy topics. Please note that not all of the genealogy speakers will be placing their information on this site, but those that do have either a text document or slide shows that you can view. Below is an example from one of Thomas Kemp, a well know author, librarian, and director with Godfrey Memorial Library.

After going through Tom Kemp's presentation on Core Online Genealogy Resources - The Ones you will actually use and rely on! (shown below), I decided to explore the possibilities of the site Scribd. This site is dedicated to providing a forum for the author in all of us to store and collaborate with others documents or slide shows. You can easily upload and immediately share your original works from a PDF, Word, PowerPoint and many other file formats. I thought to myself what a great way to share your family history documents and decided to see what the site stored under genealogy and family history topics. The information I received back on the search varied from pictures, narrative family histories, family trees, and various other forms of genealogy including blank forms. I then searched specifically for one of my family lines. Although I did not find any information regarding my family line, I did find that you can easily search for an individual on this site and come up with hits regarding their genealogy. In my next post you will see what I mean. Although the person is a popular fictional character, a family tree was constructed for them.

Novels, recipes, manuals, position papers, and historical documents abound on this site. The site is a treasure trove of information and might be able to provide you information regarding your family. Even if you do not find information about your genelaogy, it is a fun site to visit. If you would like to visit the site, click Scrib. You can utilize the site search engine to find information about various genealogical topics. Have fun!

Core Online Genealogy Resources - The Ones you will actually use and rely on!

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joankwg1940 said...

Thanks Tom. I will be using this for sure. Joan Glasgow