Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is the big deal about Footnote?

I have posted in the past regarding the great value of Footnote in your genealogical research. I had beta tested for the site before it was ever launched to the public. In the beginning it was a little awkward to navigate, but now the navigation is simple and streamlined. The site is always adding content that is important in genealogical research. There is a fee to research on this site, but it is nominal in comparison to some of the major genealogical sites on the web. This site contains census records and civil war service and pension records to name a few. A friend of mine posted on her blog that she found a great deal for Footnote. The big deal about Footnote is that it is 50% off for a years subscription. It is only $39.95 for an entire years access to the site. If you would like to check it out for your self click here.


geneabloggers said...

I agree that Footnote is a great resource - I use it all the time.

I'm not certain that the 1/2 price offer still exists - it expired April 30, 2010. However, if you belong to specific genealogical societies, they may have a 50% offer from Footnote.

Also, your link is not working - here is a link for a free trial offer that does work.

Virginia Travis said...

Jennifer, I asked when the 1/2 off membership would end on Footnote's Facebook Page, and "end of the week" (I'm guessing Friday, anyway) was the answer.

Our Future Rooted in Our Past said...

Thanks for letting me know that the link was not working correctly. I did this post early this morning....must have been sleeping. Try this the link: