Monday, October 11, 2010

Swedish Demographic Database - Free Search for Limited Time Only

If you have had cause to research genealogy in the Scandinavian countries, you know the many challenges that are faced in tracing your lines. The Swedish Demographic Database (DDB) produced and held at Umeå University in Umeå Sweden, provides seventy individual parish records available for research in the following regions: Sundsvall town, Sundsvall region, Tuna included, Linköping region, Skellefteå region, and some single parishes.

The Swedish DDB states their purpose is to produce and make "...population databases available for research. The primary sources digitized are parish registers from the 18th and 19th century, but also parish statistics from the period 1749-1859 have been recorded and made available in a database. These historical sources have a proven high quality and contain an amazing amount of information about the Swedish population, which is suitable for studies with a longitudinal and broad perspective. However, the DDB is not only working with historical material and producing databases with historical information. In close collaboration with Statistics Sweden DDB is developing a new infrastructure where historical data is being liked with modern population registers."

Currently the site is offering access to the Indiko database for free from now until November 21, 2010.  Please see their comments below.  When the free option expires, the databases can be accessed on a monthly basis. The site is viewable in English and Swedish.  If you would like to search these databases, click the
Swedish DDB link and then click the Indiko database link on the right of the web page under quick links.  After you have clicked that link a pop up window will open that requires you to accept the terms for searching the database. Please note, the pop window must remain open while you are searching the database.  Another smaller window will open asking for your username and password.  You do not have to put any username or password to search the databases for free.  Click the Log-on button.  The search box (requires javascript) will open that looks like the window on the right.  This is where you can actually begin your search for your ancestors.  Have fun searching. 

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