Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ohana Software acquired by Real Time Collaboration

In a Move to Break Down Barriers for Genealogists,
Real-Time Collaboration, Inc. acquires Ohana Software LLC

Historically genealogists have been limited in their collaboration efforts by widespread incompatibility between programs and websites. As of February 9, 2011 Ohana Software LLC and Real-Time Collaboration Inc. have joined forces in a leap towards bringing together the web pedigrees and the thousands of desktop pedigrees found around the world.

Earl Mott, the founder of Real-Time Collaboration, explains that his excitement about working with Ohana Software stems from the ability it will give the two companies to match and synchronize pedigrees no matter where they are located, web or personal computer.

Ohana Software has already established a wide range of compatibility with programs like RootsMagic, Legacy, Ancestral Quest, Personal Ancestral File (PAF), Family Tree Maker for Windows, and Family Tree Maker for Mac. Real-Time Collaboration is bringing together and making the many resources on the web easily accessible. The joining of these forces should mean one thing; a huge improvement in the collaborative efforts of genealogists.

Eight years ago, John Vilburn began to develop a highly effective match evaluation tool that is the key to sifting through the mountains of genealogical information. The algorithm behind Ohana Software's FamilyInsight, evaluates information based on similarities, phonetics, and other significant factors to ensure the user sees the most relevant and accurate results. Vilburn is eager to see this relevancy algorithm used to narrow down results on the web, which should cut down on search time dramatically.

Another advantage to the merging of web and desktop genealogy technology, is the breaking down of communication barriers. John Vilburn, the founder of Ohana Software, said he is “anxious to see the day when genealogists can easily and openly synchronize their efforts regardless of which desktop program or which website they keep their records on.” This was one of Vilburn's major motivations to partner with Real-Time Collaboration.

Real-Time Collaboration, Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation. Sharing Time LLC will focus on the web and Ohana Software LLC will focus on the desktop.

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