Sunday, June 05, 2011

Do You Have Jewish Ancestors? Do you need help?

The Center for Jewish History has a digital collection that is available for research. The collections available for research include scrapbooks, photographs, letters from the Front, dissertations, oral interviews, video interviews, and much more. Also noted on this site was Association for Free Distribution of Matsot to the Poor (New YorkN.Y.) records1855-1858. This record contains information regarding the distribution of Free Matzoth to the needy and poor in New York City during the years of 1855 - 1858. This site has a wealth of information that could assist you with your research.  You will want to spend  time perusing through the vast collections available for research.

The website design is a little clunky and difficult to research, but it has the possibility to provide a great deal of information and insight to the researcher.  The site has a simple and advanced search feature.  I also found that browsing the collections interesting. Some of the files are very large and can a little while to load in the viewer.  Additionally there are some records that are in German and Russian.  There site has a simple and advanced search feature, but I found that browsing the collections interesting. Once you have found something you would like to view, you need to click on the picture on the left of the screen  to view the information, as noted in the picture on the right.

Once you have clicked on the picture, you will either see the image directly or you will be given an option to select the folder you would like to view.  Please note that there are plus signs next to folder, which indicate there is additional information included in the folder.  To open the folder, simply click on the plus sign and you will be able to view the information in that folder.

I hope that this has not confused you.  I think that this site has a great deal to offer for the genealogist and family historian.  It take a little time to understand the navigation of the site, but is wealth worth the investment of time.  The site is free to use, but there are disclaimers siting that you must not use this information to sell or profit by.  The information provided is for personal use and educational uses. If you would like to search in this site click Center for Jewish History Digital Archives.

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