Sunday, July 10, 2011

Use Family Time to Grow your Family Tree

A friend of mine shared this picture with me.  He said it was on the back of a Rice Crispies cereal box.  How cool is that?  The first paragraph talks about the importance of having children learn about their ancestors; not just the dates, names, and places, but also the story behind the person. It is great to see big companies see the value of family time and the importance of learning more about your family.  You can tell your children stories about some of their ancestors, their lives, and any other important information that will help them learn more about their family.

This summer have your children interview their grandparents.  There are many different ideas for questions that the child or parent could ask, such as:
1. What was your home like where you grew up?
2. What types of games did you play when you were little?
3. How did you meet Grandma/Grandpa?
4. What was my father/mother like as a child?
Theses are just a few questions that could be used. If you would like more suggestions, please leave a comment and I will respond with others. If you can video record the interview it would be great. If you are unable to record the interview, have the child/parent write down the questions and answers for future generations. Remember, as one learns more about where and who they are from, they come to understand more about who they are.

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