Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scandinavian Folk Festival

The annual Scandinavian Folk Festival Jamestown New York is held at the Gerry Rodeo Ground, Gerry NY this coming weekend beginning July 15 - 17, 2011. The festival provides enterainment, education, and all around fun for the family.  According to The Post Journal , this year a special guest, Kare Livsey from the Fenton History Center and Arne Johannson From Vimmerby Sweden will bet here to help people with Swedish genealogical research. The combination of these two individuals could help provide great insight to those research in Sweden and/or need help with the Swedish language. Also you will have the opportunity to hear the wonderful music of Peter Puma Hedlund playing the Nyckelharpa. He will be providing music twice a day all three days.  I have enclosed below a little video of him playing the Nyckelharpa.  It is a really cool instrument.

To find out more information about the Festival, you can go to the Facebook page  or you can go directly to the Scandinavian Folk Festival website. This Festival should be fun for everyone.  It would be a great way to introduce your children and yourself to your heritage, as they have crafters, entertainment, food, and you can even dance around the Midsummer pole or visit a Viking village. The Scandinavian Folk Festival has the available schedule of events. Check it out it you are in the area, and post comments as to what you thought about the Festival.

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