Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Skype Community Research Pages

FamilySearch has launched several new Skype  Research Communites which has a sister site on Facebook for most of the Skype  Research Communities. You may be asking what is Skype, or you may be wondering how would a Skype Community be able to help you with your research.  Skype is allows you to video call and/or SMS chat with anyone on Skype for free.  So how is this going to help you?  FamilySearch has developed several Skype Research Communities including:
Mexico City, Mexico
The United States of America to include Illinois, Missouri, New York, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Hemet, California.
These groups are designed to encourage you to ask questions and help others.  I personally have been in conversation with someone from Germany who has been helping me with the Danish language and helping me understand how to utilize a Danish (language barrier for me) map website.  The person you are visiting with can share their screen with you so you can watch what they are doing and/or send you files.  If you don't have a video camera on your computer, that is ok.  Skype also allows for SMS chatting (instant messaging), which allows you to visit and help each other.  The communities are friendly and everyone is willing to answer questions.  Come and learn how to join the fun by clicking on Join a Skype Research Community

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