Sunday, January 15, 2012

American Libraries Internet Archive

I found this wonderful resource of information a while back and wanted to share with you. The American Libraries Internet Archive is a treasure trove for genealogists as it archives images and books that would be of interest for the genealogist.  If you type "genealogy" into the search engine, you will be amazed at the number of items that will be returned. I did a search for my last name and came up with over 30 hits ranging from census records to family genealogy research books.  I would suggest taking the time to research this archive as soon as possible because if the SOPA/PIPA (Stop Online Piracy Act/Protect IP Act) passes through the US congress, which could effect the accessibility of this site. If you would like to research in this site, click Ameican Libraries Internet Archive. The books are available for reading on the Kindle, Daisy, and PDF to name a few.

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