Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Need Translation Help?

Genealogy research will at times require assistance with translation of documents into your native tongue. Thus far in my personal research, my ancestors have come either from Denmark, England, Wales, and/or Ireland. Looking at the Denmark records can be very difficult, but I have learned a few words here and there as I have persisted. Wouldn't it be great to have someone help you with the translation of the documents that you are looking at, understanding the nuances of the language, so that you get the correct translation. For example, the word gift in Danish means, married and poison. This is obviously one word that if not translated correctly would mean something totally different. You most likely would not see the word "gift" (meaning poison) in the church records or a census record, so the meaning of the word "gift" would most likely mean married.  It is the little nuances of the language that could lead you to a different understanding of the records you are viewing.  Having said that, I have found a website that provides translation services for a nominal fee.  I have found Antonina to be very knowledgeable regarding translation services, having translated documents in court and providing other services. You might wonder why you would need to have assistance in translation when there are various websites including Google that help with translation.  I have found that these websites do not always translate the proper meaning of the words, therefore, the translations can be incorrect.  I have in the past corresponded with someone from Denmark using the Google translation.  I wrote to her in English and then put a copy of the same message using  Google translation.  She emailed back and told me the translations were not always correct and it made her laugh.

I have written about other translation services but have found Antonina's "All-World Translation" helpful.  If you need help and do not have someone that knows the language, "All-World Translation" services could be of assistance. If you need help with translations, click on All World Translation - List of languages

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