Monday, July 04, 2016

Gratitude for Those who Serve

This time of year brings to rememberance all of those brave selfless men and women who served in miliatry throughout time.  My grandfather (pictured on the left in his military uniform) fought in World War I, and his task was to drive a mule team up to the front lines with supplies.  He left behind his newly married wife, who was expecting their first child and subsequently lost their first born son; with these events occuring during his service abroad.  The only way they could communicate was through letters, which took time to receive.  I can't begin to imagine the sadness both my grandparents endured with the separation shortly after they were married and loosing their first born son.  Although I am sure many people were there to assist my grandmother, she didn't have the support and presence of her loving husband during that challenging time.  He wasn't discharged from the military until 8 months after the loss of his son.

My grandfather's service and story is not unique. Many men and women sacrifice time with their family to provide protection and service to those at home.  They are a special group of people who deserve our gratitude and respect.  I for on am grateful for all those who serve in the military, so that I can enjoy the lifestyle that so many of us take for granted.  We are blessed with the freedom of speech, we can criticize our leaders without concerns for retribution, we can be involved or not involved in the democratic process, we have freedom.  Our freedom has come at a great sacrifice from many sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.  I am grateful for all of those that have served in the past and for those that are presently serving.  Thank you for blessing my life.  

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