Saturday, August 29, 2020

What Will You Remember about 2020?

Bullet journaling: How it sorted my life. And then I lost it

What Will You Remember about 2020? What Did You Learn about COVID-19 and Yourself? I have previously addressed the value and importance of keeping a journal in multiple posts here. 

We are currently living during an unprecedented time in the world with the COVID-19 pandemic which effects everyone differently. How has this year with the pandemic changed your life or the life of your family or loved ones? Have you been overwhelmed by all of the information and misinformation?  Additionally we are in the midst of an election year which seems to be adding fuel to the fire. 

I remember when I first heard about the pandemic I thought it is just like another cold or flu bug, but then life started changing so quickly with new information coming out once or twice a day. I decided to start writing about my experiences during this year in my journal as I knew this was something I would want to remember, share with my family and perhaps help someone in the process. Being in the medical field myself, I have watched how science has evolved regarding the pandemic as more information was learned. Whether or not you believe this is a hoax or whether or not this is really a problem, writing down you thoughts and experiences helps you personally to solidify your feelings and may help one of your descendants down the line in the process.

Writing about your experiences while in lock down or isolation can provide you an outlet and also provide insights to future generations of the reality of this time in the worlds history. Each country will or has been experiencing the pandemic based upon their unique locations, the government recommendations and/or restrictions, the impact of the pandemic on the economy, etc.  You may want to consider how your felt when you first heard and felt about the pandemic; how the pandemic has affected your life and the life of your family economically, socially; how did your work life change: did you start a new hobby; and what things have changed in your life since it's beginning.

Using your journal to keep records of your genealogical research by creating a page for each person you are researching, where you have searched, what you have found, what you have proved correct or eliminated.

Benefits of journal writing:

  1. Journaling/writing can help provide prospective and encouragement by noting how the challenges were overcome or dealt with even if the outcome was not what you wished. 
  2. Journaling can help you know you can do hard things and be successful despite the hard things. 
  3. As you journal you may reflect on what you have learned about yourself, how you have changed and/or how your world has changed
  4. Possibly discover blessings you have been blessed with during this challenging time. 
  5. It can help you sort out your priorities and organize your life
  6. Inspire creativity
  7. Help to relieve stress and anxiety
  8. Goal setting

Journals come in various types and sizes including: a study journal, art journal, weight loss journal, scripture study journal, work journal, photo journal, bullet journals, and/or a life experience journal. Journals can be on single or multiple sheets of paper, a bound journal like the example in the picture above, a spiral bound journal, or you can journal with your computer in a Word Doc or something similar, or using an app for journaling. Journaling is for all ages; children can create their journal with their artwork; teenagers and young adults can journal about their experiences with friends, family, teachers. 

If you am not sure where to start or need inspiration, all you need to do is to google journal prompts and you will find numerous websites providing you ideas.

The great thing about journaling is there are so many ways to journal and there is no right or wrong way to write. No one will grade you on it; it is just your thoughts and ideas. One word of caution, if you decide to have an electronic journal, remember to always, always, always to back up your writing in case you have hard drive failure.  Happy writing!

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