Saturday, April 14, 2007

World Vital Records Website - Alternative

World Vital Records Website just might be another more affordable alternative to This site appears to be operated by a few people that left in 2002 for differing reasons. If you would like to learn more about the company, click here. One of the nice attributes about this website is that they offer several databases for free for a limited time. For example, currently you can access the following databases:

Army Casualties 1956 - 2003 (Free until April 19th)

US Korean Casualties 1950 - 1957 (Free until April 19th)

Vietnam Casualties 1956 - 1998 (Free until April 19th)

World War II Prisoners of War 1941 - 1946 (Free until April 19th)

World War II Prisoners of Japanese (Free for 10 more days)

Gorgas Hospital Mortuary 1906 - 1991 (Free until April 19th)

The Massachusetts Magazine 1910, Volume 3 (Free until April 20th)

History of the Churches and Ministers, and of Franklin Association, of Franklin
County, Massachusetts (Free until April 20th)

If you would like to search these databases click here, and the link will take you to the link page for each of these databases. I think that this site development is worth following.

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