Thursday, May 10, 2007

Virginia Tax Lists Substitue for Census Records

I am sorry for posting this later than usual, but I have been attending an advanced cardiac life support class for my professional career and haven't been able to get to this until now. Enjoy!

The 1790 United States Federal Census was accidentally burned in the war of 1812 and the 1800 United States Federal Census was also lost. You may wonder how you can find information concerning your Viginian families during this time period. The Virginia Tax Lists consisting of the Land Tax List and Personal Property Tax list are a nice substitute for the Census records in this case.

The Virginia Tax Lists website allows you to search the site by typing the surname in the search box or by browsing the year you would like to search utilizing a drilling down the alphabet for the surname. Please note that these search features are a little ways down on the page linked here. At the top and bottom of the web page are links to the store where you can purchase CD's with the information if you so desire. Have fun searching.

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