Thursday, August 16, 2007

Illinois Trails History and Genealogy Site

The Illinois Trails History and Genealogy Site has much to offer those researching for information regarding their Illinois ancestors. The goal of the site is to provide free online data regarding the history and genealogies of the State of Illinois. Illinois Trails History and Genealogy is a well respected site and has been in existence since 1998 in some form. The earlier years focused primarily Jackson County Illinois, but the authors of the site had such an overwhelming response to the information that they provided that this site has grown to what is today. You kind find information in various degrees of completeness:

Various Census records
The 1850 Illinois State Mortality Schedule
1840 Statewide Census of Revolutionary War and Military Pensioners
The 1909 Cherry Hills Mining Disaster
Church Records
Fur Traders
Information organized by Counties
Military Data
Help for Illinois Research
and much more.

This has many hidden gems that require a little searching but it can be worth your while. Do not forget to look at the pages that are organized by Counties; many search able databases are found within the county pages.

If you are interested in researching this site, please click here and you will be taken to the main page of this site; a great jumping point for the rest of the site. Have fun!

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