Monday, August 20, 2007

***News Flash***

World Vital announced today that their databases are now available in 100 Family History Centers today and will be expanding to include over 4,500 Family History Centers. Thank you FamilySearch and World Vital Records for making this possible for all those searching their family lines.

If you would like to view the World Vital Records site, click here to be directed to the site. Please find below the press release on World Vital site:
"For the past few months, a common question the support team at World Vital Records, Inc. has received is, “When will be available to access at my family history center?”

And the answer to some is, “Right now.”

A representative from FamilySearch™ announced yesterday at the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana that can now be searched in 100 family history centers throughout the world.

Next week, will be available to patrons in 500 additional family history centers. Within the next two weeks, anticipates that patrons will be able to access in more than 4,500 family history centers.

We hope you enjoy searching the next time you visit your local family history center.

In case you missed the announcement about being accessible in more than 4,500 family history centers worldwide, click here to read the press release."

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