Sunday, August 05, 2007

Local History - - - A great tool for Family History Work!

In the past I have written a regarding the importance of history in the genealogical setting. Knowing the history of the location of your ancestors allows you to understand the challenges that they were facing during their time on this earth. I feel that knowing the local history of your ancestors helps to put flesh on their bones making them more real; realizing that they faced similar struggles that we all face as a human race, wars, difficulty with a job, loss of children or a spouse due to conflict and many others challenges. We are not so unlike them; we as did our ancestors have hopes and dreams, conflict and harmony, joy and sadness. As we come to know our ancestors better, we can learn from their examples.

I received an email about a site for the Sandusky Ohio local history today. It is actually a blog, but it provides some interesting information about the community of Sandusky, Ohio. The author publishes approximately once a week on the blog with information about Sandusky and the people that have made it their home, utilizing photographs and biographies.

The blog does not contain a database in the usual sense, but it does contain some valuable insight into the history of the area and the people that lived there. If you are lucky to have ancestors from this area, this site is definitely worth browsing. Maybe you will be lucky and find that the author has provided you with a picture and a little bio of your family member.

If you would like to browse this blog, please click here to be redirected to this site. Have fun!

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