Thursday, August 02, 2007

World GEDCOM Index

When I stumbled onto this website this morning, I was excited that you might be able to find a way to break down some of those hard brick walls that everyone hits during the quest for ancestors. This website is designed by geographical locations which means you search for your family according to their location first starting with the country and drilling down to the town/city.

The website states that you can download the GEDCOMs if you find a connection. When I tried to download a possible connection, I clicked on the download button and was redirected to a page that has the GEDCOM in a line by line format. I found this format difficult to understand but you can pick out information from the files, but you have to manually enter the data into your file if you find a match. You are allowed to print up this information if you desire but you could end up printing hundreds of pages. The author of the website explains how to work with and read this type of GEDCOM file and you can view authors instructions by clicking here. I was able to download an actual GEDCOM files of some family names, but it is hit or miss on which surnames will allow you to download the actual file.

Overall, I probably would not utilize this site routinely due to the difficulty in being able to read the printed out GEDCOMs. Having said that, if you are up against a brick wall and you have exhausted all of your other resources, this site may provide a hint or information to break through the wall. If you are interested in viewing the possible connections on this site click here.
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