Saturday, September 22, 2007

Want some PIE?

PIE or Pursuing Our Italian Names Together In E-mail is a website tis dedicated to Italian Research and provides multiple links regarding various topics.

The links are as follows:

* FAQ's
All links work

* History - These links work:
Region and Provinces
Cities and Towns

* Emigration, Immigration, and Naturalization - These links work:
Emigration & Immigration FAQ
Ship / Ship Line Database
National Archives Website
Ellis Island Online

* Growing Up Italian
This link works providing stories of growing up in Italian families

* Italian American Heroes
One operable link

* Public Library
No working links

* PIE and POINT - Who, What, Where, When, and How
No working links

* Mangia! An Italian Cookbook
Nice Italian Recipes

* Status/Stats/What's New
Nothing works

* Ships Arriving From Europe - Online searchable databases
**All links work great**

* Online National Archives Searchable Index
I would just use the NARA website

* OnLine Databases
Only the Parish Link Works

* AOL Problems with Databases
Not working

* Members Only
Not Working

* PIE Forums
Not Working - could be because I am not a member, but do not think that is the reason.

PIE or Pursuing Our Italian Names Together In E-mail, is a website that has great potential but unfortunately there are many links on this site that are dead. I suspect that the site has been maintained on a regular basis which explains why so many of the links are incorrect. I know that addresses change and so do websites. The internet is always in a constant state of flux which keeping and maintaining a site very time consuming. If you have Italian genealogy, you might want to check this PIE out when you have hit a brick wall or have some time on your hand.

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