Friday, August 05, 2011

Fairmount Children’s Home

A while back one of my readers asked me if I had come across any information about the Fairmount Children's Home in Ohio. At the time of her inquiry, I was not familiar with this home, so I began to investigate to see what I could come up with. I recently came across the Fairmount Children's Home website, which provides a little history along with pictures about the home. The site also provides the reader with information on the census records of the employees for the home. Unfortunately this site does not provide an entire list of all the residents of the home. This site does provide a list of the 1943 eighth grade graduating class. There multiple pictures showing some of the children, so possibly you might your ancestor in the picture, if you know what they looked like. The founders of the home to assist in the care of the homeless children in the Stark and Columbiana counties. One article I read noted that the children came from many walks of life, including homeless children, children with one parent or a child(ren) with parents who couldn't feed them anymore. The children were required to perform chores and to work in the fields during the growing season. Some of the young from the home would enlist into the US Navy and served in WWII. The home was closed in the 1970's and then later burned down in the 2002. If you would like to learn more click Fairmont Children’s Home or "The Monday After Fairmount Childrens Home."


Coupon Codes said...

My mother asked me for help finding an old friend of hers from a children's home. It never occurred to me that there might be a site specifically about the place. I'll have to do some investigating of my own.

Anonymous said...

There is a facebook page under, Fairmount childrens home. Lots of pictures and people that were in the home. Also a reunion every year!

Our Future Rooted in Our Past said...

Thank you for letting us know about the Facebook page. I have enjoyed looking at the page.