Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fianna Study Group Irish Research

The Fianna Study Group Guide to Irish Genealogical Research is a site with a great deal of information to assist those researching their Irish Roots. Come explore the possibilities by reading further.

You might be wondering what Fianna means and I share with you what I have found. Fianna was a legendary band of warriors who were called upon at times to defend the Kings of Ireland during the 1st through 3rd Century AD. The Fianna were comprised of three different classes of Irish men who were required to serve their chieftain for a particular length of time, after which they were released to return to their every day lives. The group was also comprised of mercenaries from various countries such as Scandinavia and Britain. These men were paid for their services the the reigning king. This group was also involved in maintaining peace and order during their service in addition to protection of the chieftain and king. If I still have your attention, you are probably wondering what this has to do with genealogy. The motto of the Fianna Groups was: Truth in our hearts. Strength in our hands. Consistency in our tongues. The group also had a strict conditions for acceptance which included being a poet and versed in the 12 books of bardic literature, stand in a hole waist deep with a shield while nine warriors threw spears at him, and many other requirements.

In keeping with the tradition of the Fianna Warriors, The Fianna Study Group's "Fianna Guide to Irish Genealogy" bringing the finest values for your assistance in researching your Irish ancestors. The site consists of many facets including Irish Time line and History, Maps, Military, Milesian Genealogies, Immigration, and Surname reference information to name a few. Another exciting portion of this site includes a recently acquired transcriptions from primary sources including the following:

Civil Marriages, 1864, extractions
Civil Marriages, various years, extractions
County Erie, Miscellaneous R C Church Records
Miscellaneous R C Church Records

Taken from "Irish Pedigrees", by John O'Hart

Derry County
1631 Muster Roll

Kerry County
St. Patrick's, Kilkenny: Marriages
St Mary's, Kilkenny - Marriages and Baptisms
St. John's, (Maldin Street), Kilkenny - Marriages and Baptisms

Louth County
Freeholders 1822
Freeholders 1824/5
Dundalk Householders 1837
Tullyallen New Church Subscribers
Tenants of Lord Roden c.1837

Mayo County
Swinford, East Mayo Census - 1901
Kiltimagh Baptisms
Marriages, Diocese of Anchonry Starting at 6-7-1808,
Parish of Meelick and Kilconduff,
Kiltimagh Marriages
Swinford Marriages
Roman Catholic Marriages, Parish of Kiltimagh

These transcriptions are available for you to research for free as is the case for the entire website. To learn more about researching your Irish ancestors, click Fianna Guide to Irish Genealogy. If you would like to search the transcriptions, click Transcription Index. This site also provides information regarding epidemics in the United States, Celtic music, and Ancient Surnames History. This site has a great deal to offer, easily navigated and I would recommend it to you for your review. Have fun!


Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

Thanks, Jennifer, for highlighting this great resource for Irish genealogy.

Hope you'll join us sometime at the Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture!

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Thank you for your kind words. I would be happy to join you at the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture. Thank you for the invitation.